Name: Paulina

Country: Poland

Favorite artist/band: Kis-my-ft2, Hey! Say! JUMP, Johnny's in general, Koda Kumi, AKB48
Lately I'm all over M.I.B, so I guess many of my reblogs may be connected to that xP

Occupation: Japanese Studies student, 3rd year

Future plans: Be a professional Japanese translator, maybe live in Tokyo

I suck at self-introduction so if you want to know anything, just ask ^^


Hey BusterZ!


Thought about to upload M.I.B - W Academy in HD with Eng Subs… What do you think? Unnecessary? ^.^ It’s already uploaded in low quality … It would be a lot of work … So I don’t know :P

Of course it’s great idea! I think everyone would be thankful..


#‎KT42bdaychallenge‬ #10

Have you ever thought that a guy could recommend you a lipstick? Takuya did. And his collaboration with Kanebo Testimo is the hottest lipstick commercial I’ve ever seen. Any female model wouldn’t be as sexy as him. No wonder the posters were massively stolen these days. I could even stand in line to get one